Data and AI for better health - Dr. Andre Dekker
Electronic health records (Need for standards) - Dr Manisha Mantri
Telehealth, Digital health standards and requirements - Dr Uma Nambiar​
Gathering Storing and ensuring safety of Data- Ms Anitha Sheba Rachel
Ms Zainab Bawa
Narayana Health- Mr Sureshram Vengatachari
AI Innovations for Oncology - Lakshmi Panat​
Natural Language Processing & Health Care in the Indian Context - Dipti Misra Sharma
Digital India Divide in healthcare. How to bridge this divide - Dr John Oommen​
De-mystyifying AI - Dr Balaraman Ravindran​
Regulatory and legislative implications for health data management Industry best practices and principles for managing and innovating with health records - Ms. Anisha Koshy
Comprehensive Archive of Imaging in Oncology (CHAVI) Genesis, Development & way forward - Dr Santam Chakraborty​
Constructing Datasets for AI/ML - Mr Raghu Dharmaraju
A Vision for India's Digital Health and Health Care System - Dr Alexander Thomas
Global Innovations in health - Mehdi Snene
Asking the right questions in AI research - Dr Balu Krishna
Imaging Health Informatics - Jayanthi Sivaswamy
Learning from Data on a global scale - Dr. Andre Dekker
Is India Ready for AI in health. Our way forward - Dr Gautam Menon
Building a culture of data sharing - Ms Anupama Ananthasairam
Ethics and Framework for AI and digital health - Raman Jit Chima
AI Innovations for Oncology - Lakshmi Panat
Data Driven Digital Healthcare - Mr Enbasekar
Insights into Digital Morphology Systems - Dr Shefali Karve
Dr Arun Agarwal
Acoustic signal analysis for healthcare using AI - Mr Narayan Rao
Demystifying data protection and cybersecurity - Raman Jit Chima
Genomics and Bioinformatics in infectious disease - Dr Balaji V
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Dr John Oommen
Dr Manisha Mantri
Dr Uma Nambiar
Dr Santam Chakraborty
Mr Sureshram Venghatachari
Ms Anisha Koshy
Ms Anitha Sheba Rachel